Summary via Goodreads: “Worn out and on the run, Aries Bracken’s life has quickly gone from bad to worse. Kidnapped by a team of mercenaries, she tries to convince their domineering commander that he has taken the wrong woman. She’ll play the helpless female until they slip up and when they do, she’ll be gone!

Skin Walker Commander Conn Drago’s mission was simple, retrieve the woman and deliver her for payment. However, he quickly discovers that not only is the beautiful and spirited Aries not the intended target; she’s also unaware of the fact that she too is a Skin Walker. When Conn realizes others are hunting Aries as well, he can’t fight his compulsion to protect her. He’ll have to battle both her unknown enemies, his own Skin Walker kind, and Aries’ desire to be free to claim what he has decided belongs to him.”

So again the cover so misleading. When i first saw this cover i scuffed and said no thank you i don’t do war books because thats an army man, with a huge ass gun and my my things yes that is a war book even if its called Skin Walkers. And i know that Skin Walker is another term that is used for werewolves, well not in this book, in this book it means that they are shape shifters who can change into any animal, and they have an animal instinct like werewolves usually do. So going to review now…

I looked at this after just finishing Susan’s other book Territory and i have also readPrince of Cats both were awesome, i recommend you check them as well. Anyways this reminded me somewhat of Territory, not in the this is the same story with two different characters because its not. I think it was just because of the same setting, and sort of the same idea…. an seemingly unwilling male but my God does he take the cake for possessive-ness and protectiveness. Anyways the PLOT is interesting enough mostly its the story about this boy and this girl, conflict between the two and the conflict within themselves. I didn’t mind this but the villain became very anti-climatic and kind of just fell flat. He was there to prose a problem…anyways moving on from that.

The characters were interesting enough to read about and since i had just read a different book by Susan in the same day i can honestly say that her characters weren’t the same people just with different names and in a different book.

Aries was strong willed, and pretty much kickass right off the bat, and throughout the book she becomes vulnerable and grows into a more rounded character. She isn’t scared to prove that she can take care of herself, and when i surely would have given up (mostly because i am lazy) she keeps going. She has been running three (maybe four years) from someone who has been trying to get her, she doesnt know the person, doesn’t know why they are after her.

Conn is like i said before possessive, protective, an asshole, and um interesting. He is hired to go after and get Aries. Though he is not the person who she keeps escaping from, he is brought in to get her. They don’t really clear that up to each other outright and it sort of bothered me, that it didn’t seem like much of an issue until way later after the fact… anywho, what to say about him? he has a super scar, and scars are hot….um not the point i know. He was an interesting character and he softened around Aries much like another character i know but….um moving on….

Okay so there was a lot of potential for other things that could have happened in this book. The reasoning behind her constant pain seemed like the easy way out…i mean i am split about it because i didn’t want it to be like “of course she is going to die from sometype of disease” but at the same time… i don’t know, there could have been more with it. More than that there is in the introduction of a other super villain/organization that could have been explored and brought in but we gloss over them and they just didn’t really seem to matter…. So that is mostly why this got 4 instead of five, along with my realization that Conn is a lot like another character from her other story they aren’t the same i see that but they are similar…..

So okay its late and i am doing a semi bad job on this review so take my word for it, that usually i can be somewhat entertaining but Don’t Ever Trust the Cover! EVER!