Summary via Goodreads: ” Kya Hubbard never pictured herself caught up in a world of shape-shifters and enemy packs. After all, she was just a small town girl trying to work her way through college. However, when she’s attacked walking home after a long night working at the diner, the assault leaves her transformed and an unwilling member to a pack of voracious shape-shifters.

Kya bides her time and after years of torture and abuse, she finally escapes her pack and runs as fast and as hard as she can to find solace with her only friend in Montana’s breathtaking Glacier National Park.

Once in Montana, Kya’s hopes of a peaceful existence are dashed when her so-called friend turns her over to the Alpha of the great North West Territory pack. To make matters worse the Alpha’s larger and more ominous brother, Briggs, is reduced to a heap of gorgeous writhing agony upon locking eyes with Kya. Delighted by Briggs’ physical inhibition that is triggered by proximity to Kya, the Alpha informs the pack that Kya is Briggs’ mate.

But before Kya and Briggs can fight free of the mating bonds threatening to join them indefinitely and against their wishes, Kya’s insatiable pack tracks her down determined to drag her kicking and screaming back to their Colorado den.

As Briggs struggles to fight the wolf within that demands he bind Kya to him, Briggs cannot fight his instincts to protect what is his. With the help of his pack, Briggs prepares to defend his unwanted mate while discovering that while Kya is not what he wants, she is what he needs.”

Oh yay! this was super good! I’ve seen it a million times and a half on my amazon recommendation list but i always even avoided looking at it because i thought from the cover and title really it would be something completely different from what it was. Well let me tell you, the saying don’t judge a book by its cover is something i am sure all readers do, because we are allowed obviously to deem what is readable by the cover – i agree with that, most of the time. This time i wish i had looked at the summary! Because holy hell you are missing out if you keep skimming by it because it doesn’t look like what you are looking for because of the cover.

So now you know that i love it, or if you don’t, i loved it. Let me tell you why i loved it and why i think everyone who enjoys a good werewolf – i’m sorry shifter novel, will love this book!

So it starts off with Kya chained to a tree so you know its going to be good. When i read the summary i thought we would be starting with her escape from her old pack, its quite the opposite she is already escaped and is meeting Dell and Briggs for the first time. Now if the first few chapters don’t get you hooked, which confuses the hell out of me because i started it stupidly late, and stayed up until about 4, and i wasn’t even tired when i finally shut off my computer and said to myself, get the hell off you need to sleep. I seriously thought about debating on who actually needs sleep. Sleep, psst for losers…anyways i got a good five hours in before i was squirming in my sleep to know what will happen next and i was about half way through the book at this point. I enjoyed that it didn’t come down to one epic battle… well sort of. Anyways the action is spread out, it isn’t so far apart you are wondering, well what the hell? did they just forget about her? but enough that we can breathe for a minute and get to know our characters. The plot was fast-paced, i don’t want to say fun as in meaning a good time, but as in it will keep you on the edge of you seat, the tip of your fingers just waiting to turn the next page kind of fun. Just that ending… sigh i didn’t want their story to be over because i loved them but don;t worry its not a cliffhanger or super depressing. Its a great, fantastic ending that i am just a baby and demand more because i loved these characters… why you ask? Well let me tell you why!

Kya: Is turned against her will four years ago, in those four years she was held captive by the pack who changed her. She will never admit that they are her pack because they never really claim her as theirs until they want her back. Her previous pack is just a huge pile of crazy. And damn do i love crazy, and all types of it really. It makes for an interesting story but i am not talking about them. I am SOOOO SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY because a lot of authors, because of time i think, have their main characters just get over something super traumatic, and most of the time i am upset about that because i am thinking to myself this isn’t real, i don’t really believe that after four years of torture she is totally un-scarred on the outside and inside. Obviously this girl is scared, and who could blame her? In the beginning she doesn’t understand what is going on, violent movements scare her, and she does what she knows, she retreats. But don’t worry peoples who enjoy those kickass main character gals, she grows through the story. She is unbelievably self-less and loving. She grows to understand what a real family is – because even before her time with the other pack she didn’t have much of a family. Anyways she discovers what it means to love. But after everything she has been through she is still scared, but we all have flaws, and thats what i think made me love her even more is that the author Susan Bliler wasn’t scared to show that she had flaws, that she wasn’t this invincible person.

Briggs: again i go back to the same thing i did with Kya he isn’t perfect, and thank god for that. He is resistant to the idea of a mate. He isn’t cruel towards Kya but he is cut off and serious. But more than that with her he shines through into a new person. I think that he had more of a character change that she was, and there were times in the book that the POVs almost shifted to him, it was all in third person closely following Kya most of all the time and sometimes drifted to his, or one of the other small characters. But honestly i think the only way this book could have gotten better for me was if we could have gotten, straight POV shifts between him and Kya. Anyways back to tall, dark and serious. He is beyond protective, bossy, somewhat of a jackass when need be, but beyond all else ridiculously sweet and caring towards her. I loved him more and more as the book went on. And i understand that beginning he is a bit quiet. Actually when you first meet him i was expecting someone who was fully into the idea of finding his true mate, and would be all for her and it would be kya fighting it. i was pleasantly surprised that wasn’t the case. But anyways….

The villains are both physical people, and own personal wars for both Kya and Briggs. I think that it was a nice new mix. Usually when I read shifter books its a lot of times automatic they both love each other like that, and want to be together but someone is trying to keep them apart, but this time not only is it people but them, both Kya and Briggs.

The other pack members from the Blackbird pack – Dell and Briggs’ pack (Dell is Briggs older brother and Alpha) are all pretty much awesome. And i loved them. None of the characters blended into one, which i say this a lot if you have read any other of my reviews, and i really liked that they didn’t blend together because its nice to have separate characters when you create separate characters. Anways. My advice to you: Read it. Yup that is all Read it. seriously why are you still reading my review go read the book, you are wasting precious time!