Summary Via Goodreads: “Welcome to Charlotte’s world of unusual powers, wonderful friendship, new love and shocking betrayal . . .

Charlotte Rollins is an elemental, but she doesn’t know it yet. Now, with the help of her old friend Cale and her new friend Keller, she will fight against an evil whose only goal is to consume her.”

3.5 out of 5 Really would be my Review… but it was very close. And I will tell you why.

First right off the bat, I am going to try my bestest not to give any spoilers but since we already know a BIG part of the book which is that our main character Charlotte is an Elemental – well there it it is. She is an Elemental, only she doesn’t find out until more than 75% through the book, i read on the kindle i don’t know the page numbers or anything. So yeah there is that. So i was sitting on this HUGE ASS secret with no clear idea when Charlotte was going to find out. So while i am suppose to be feeling bad for her because she thinks she is a mage but she can’t really do magic, i dont because i am like, well i know what you really are…so when are you going to find out? i kept thinking that throughout the whole book until she finally finds out. Ugh and it took us awhile but we get there, and then everything piles on right after that. No i am not saying that the entire book is boring beforehand because it’s not things happen. Interesting, moving the story plot along things happen. I don’t know what was wrong with me really on this book but i felt that the problem – demons – was almost overlooked for a really long time. I just didn’t feel the urgency or horror of it. Not until the end and even then i wasn’t built up to this point. So i was like oh…okay. None of the college students – and i will be getting to that in a minute – acted like it was a big deal really. But i will admit a big reason this book got that extra .5 from me was because she managed to shock me, and that does not happen alot and i am not trying to sound conceded or anything but its the truth sometimes i can just figure things out really fast. As i am sure a lot of super experienced readers do. So i was like hey…wow….good going there buddy!

Okay so back to what i was saying about those college kids. I am a college kid, yup thats right i am. So this school setting was high school, the drama seemed high school, and my God i understand Freshman are still somewhat in High school, and i know i should take in account, that i do not live on campus, though i don’t go to the biggest school ever, and all that i should take just my experience in account but i do because i have read a lot of college aged kids books. But everyone in this book seem to know everyone, and i was like, okay i don’t even know half the kids in one of my classes names…And i get it this is a small magic school, chances are its a small community and i wouldn’t have minded it soo much if I don’t know they acted more mature? Rise above my friends, rise above… My thing is there were different ways to handle some situations that would have made the students seem more college aged. Because i had to remind myself that they were in college…alot. But I am not saying that the author should change certain characters, an example being Camilla she was the bitch of the story and i didn’t mind that, there is always a characters want to hate. And some people never change from how they were, or how they are. Then there were characters like Lisabelle, who i thought was very college like. I am not going to in major detail about characters right now though. So this was one of my big issues with the books, because i just had to remind myself this was college, and i just was getting a little annoyed sometimes.

Okay, now i absolutely hate when people compare books to other books because – i will admit i am Creative Writing Major/ English Major so yes i write, doesn’t make me an expert and i will not claim that i am – but i do believe that as writers, they take ideas, and influences from other authors. I don’t mind that at all, just shape into your own ideas. But i am about to be the super bitch who does it. It wasn’t the entire book just some aspects kept me going to back to Harry Potter. Not the school for paranormals because they’re a ton of books like that and that is totally normal. It was the suspecting of one professor. That sounded dangerously like Snape. There i said it. And i hate myself for doing it but i felt that way and that was another huge things that bugged the hell out of me.

As i was writing about characters i also thought of something else that bugged me. She changed things while writing the book i think. Because rules/important details change dramatically. And i was like wait what? And there were times things didn’t quite make sense, it was small stuff, like i am pretty sure she said for example: “OH this person was fine but they were taking her the hospital to get surgery or something because she just barely survived”…. um what?

So Now that have done like plot-y like stuff, here my thoughts on the characters:

Charlotte: Orphan, technically, she has a jackass of a step-father who is the book for the first maybe two to three chapters. She also had this fantastically mature 10 -year old half brother…10 years old…and a boy….and supposedly according to Char he was also spoiled. That is not what i saw. And his maturity didn’t match his age…at all but then again i don’t know many – or any 10 years old. Anyways this is about Char right now, so she accepted a whole lot really easily, and suppressed a lot that suddenly came back to her. They never really explained the breaking of the dishes that always seemed to happen around her. I liked her because she was loyal, and she kind. She cared about her friends and really went to the ends of the earth for them. Also she started to get a backbone and stood up for herself. So there was grown in her character which i liked.

Sip: Charlotte’s werewolf roommate. Sip is interesting. At one point it seems like she is a really good girl, i think there was one point it said she would even say “Shut up” but then later in the book she says it without even blinking…I feel like Sip’s character was lost a little sometimes. She seemed really nice, and i liked her but i didn’t get much feeling other than that from her. Charlotte didn’t seem interesting in learning about the werewolf culture in the book which disappointed me because all she really seem interested in was mages, and elementals. But what about everyone else? So Sip was the roommate, and protector when need be.

Lisabelle: A darkness mage. Sarcastic to a T and snarky. I liked her a lot. She was a good friend and she showed it through her actions not through her words. She mostly said particularly nice things but as Char mentions she does have a really good heart. Lisabelle seems dark and cruel but she doesn’t mean that. As a darkness mage people both fear/hate her but Char accepts her right away and that makes me like Char more, and makes me love Lisabelle for accepting her friendship.

Lough: Is a dream-giver… again we don’t learn much about these spieces of paranormals and this was the first i have ever heard of the dream-giver. They have a couple examples of their powers but not a whole lot. Lough is in love with Lisabelle, and a good friend to Sip and Charlotte. I think he was against just a sweet guy, but a lot of the characters as i have mentioned aren’t as well developed as they could have been.

Cale: her pixie friend from the past, who she never knew was a pixie. Anyways he i think was suppose to an almost admirer? but didn’t quite make the cut. I think that i would have been more interested him if he actually was legit interested in Char but to be honest it didn’t seem that way…at all. Maybe i was expecting alot more out of Cale because he is mentioned in the summary but he wasn’t all that important, and Char and him i didn’t feel it…at all. So moving on to Keller.

Keller: fallen angel – which are suppose to be pure and good…um well that is a new take on them i suppose… anways i am not touching that because yeah no. Anyways Keller was distant, and well distant. He was Char’s tutor and constant shadow. He showed up to save her ass, that was his job. i know he was suppose to be the love interest but um…that fell realll flat. There relationship felt superficial, and almost one-sided. i saw almost one-sided because it only seemed like Char cared…but she didn’t overwhelming care. She never admitted she was mad other girls were touching him and what nots because she was jealous, and um…Keller…don’t even get me started on him. He could be so much more in the next ones and i hope, i honestly hope that he is.

Okay as i always do the ending being as vague as possible here i go: Um a lot of left unsaid, and i don’t mean to the point that it is a cliffhanger but seemingly important things to know like what happened to certain characters. Other than that ( i know the next two are out) there isn’t that feeling of a cliffhanger. The problems still exist and that is okay because if not than i would be annoyed and be asking why are you even making a second one? So i will probably get to the second sooner or later… we shall see but i will probably give it a shot. And i think this book is worth a look see, try out the sample on amazon see how you feel about it.