*also a special thank you to the author Elizabeth Kirke who mentioned our little blog to the world of Facebook and her fans! thank you!!! i really did enjoy the book i just stumbled upon that early in the morning this morning on the 31st btw*


Summary (From Goodreads): Jen is looking forward to spending an entire summer studying abroad on a cruise ship and she knows the experience will change her life. Then she sees something she wasn’t supposed to see, something she can’t explain. Jen finds herself thrust into a world she never knew existed and her life will change more than she imagined. That is, if she can survive the dangers lurking on the ship.

So I thought this was a pretty good read. When I first stumbled upon it – as I do with many of books now – I saw someone wrote a review saying it reminded them of Harry Potter almost and if you read that and was like ehh no thank you i don’t want a copy of Harry Potter than its okay this isn’t like Harry Potter. A chance encounter on a study aboard (college) boat … i mean ship – if you read the book you will get the joke there – anywhos reveals who Jen really is.

So to begin with I thought the plot was really interesting, it was more like an introductory story to me really. It gives you a lot of information about this new world of Magics and Non-magics. And i am big follower of paranormal, so i am thinking, please i know everything give me a break. I shouldn’t of, i haven’t made many, really actually maybe i’ve come across elementals once or twice, I did read the Elemental Series by Brigid Kemmerer which were really good. Anyways the elementals there and here are different, the werewolves are different, the vampires are similar to more modern takes on them but hey they don’t sparkle so that is nice. :)! Bonus really, there is a mermaid but i haven’t actually gotten around to a mermaid story so i can’t tell you how they differ or not from newer modern mermaids. All and all i enjoyed the new takes on the paranormals or for the most part.

The plot can be a little slow going at some points but that is because the reader and Jen are learning a lot of new things and Elizabeth Kirke i hope was trying to make it easier on us so that we weren’t overwhelmed with all this new information. There are action scenes and mostly they are intense but after awhile i was sure i was going to kill Jen myself – sometimes i really want the character to be a fish out of water, and be like holy hell what do i do? get a little lost, need someone to save her, i am okay with that but at the end of the story i was like Jen stop saying you can’t do nothing and step in and do something! i think it was just because i was worried for everyone else, but that isn’t the point i wanted her to make a stand, finally she did. not a moment too soon either, okay i am getting off point here.

The ending which i am going to be vague about this and only say, God i hope there is a second one because i feel like there could be so much more. but honestly it could probably end with this book and if the second one never comes out then you won’t be like, HOLY HELL CLIFFHANGER? Seriously? no it’s not like that but its a good mix of wanting the next one without dying without it.

The characters: Like i have mentioned before Jen sometimes pissed me off but now that i have reflected about it for two paragraphs, i will take back so much of my earlier violence towards her. She is taking a lot in and not a whole lot of time. She is in danger that is all i will say. She i think has the right to be a little freaked when presented with a life or death situation. But for the most part she is curious and excited to learn about all this new stuff, and the type of thing is going into i think i would feel the same.

Now there are a lot of other characters, we are dealing with a big-ish group. Okay i am warning right now if you want to be surprised on who/what the characters are stop reading this review right now, it was a good book and i think you would enjoy it if you like magic like stuff and having a new take on them. Now back to the characters.

We have two elementals: Charlie (Char) who is a fire. And Dani (Danio -yes he is a boy because when i first saw his name i was thinking oh girl on account on how Dani was spelled – its a boy i promise), who is a water. Merinna (which i am sure i spelled that wrong) – mermaid. TS – werewolf, and last but not least Thomas our resident lover boy and vampire! YAY!!! Each had a very distinct voice and own personality which it seems like a lot of times when dealing with a lot of different characters their personalities blend until two characters are pretty much the same but with different names. So thank god it wasnt like that for this book. I loved them all but sometimes i was looking for a little more than the other but if there are more books to come i am sure i will get it. Sometimes i wondered why one person would be talking to Jen about something verses another it didn’t seem in their personality but you have to take in account she knew Dani before everyone else and was friends with him before everyone else. So it all comes down to who she knew, who she feels most comfortable with, and so on. Either way i am glad that she got to spend separate and equal amount of time with all the other characters verses focusing on only two.

Okay so all that said and done. If you are looking for a book with new takes on supernaturals, has adventure, has a bit of romance, and just different I’d say give it a try it really worth it.

*On a special note!* I was looking at Kirke’s blog! And there is a second one due to come out in Jan. 2013 and another novella maybe about Danio’s story so i am exciteded!