I’ve been planning on reading this for a very long time now. And i am glad that i finally decided to do it. I was a little hesitate at first because I don’t do well with purely human non-paranormal stories, don’t know why just don’t. And i was scared that this was going to be heavy on human, light on paranormal. But hold on to your hats kiddies, who enjoy both, or one and not the other, because this had i feel a good balance much like Crane’s other series, Significant and if you haven’t read that i would totally recommend it.

So Clara you know at first i really did want to hate her because i’m the type of person that believes in standing up in what you believe in, i believe that you should go against the crowd if it is the right thing, doesn’t matter if you fit in. But our sweet little Clara wouldn’t do that in the larger schemes of things. She was a very contradictory character – at the beginning. She is fiercely loyal to boyfriend. And i totally respect her for it because at lot of times in books the main character gets introduced to new boy, and NO ONE and i mean no one else matters, its all about him – which i like most of the times but at the same time i am thinking- WHOA CALM DOWN even if your boy-toy is a dbag with a capital D you are still with him. Clara is not like that, yes she feels attraction to Eli but i mean who wouldn’t? Black hair, eyebrow pierced, hottie with an accent to boot? Then yes please! But she is a good girlfriend. But she has questionable choices in friends, in other words they are all asses. Anyways Clara is smarts figures that out – stick with her it will take more than the offered 20% on smashwords to get to that point but she does. So Clara is a growing character and thank god for that because it all fine when your female lead is already kickass but i like to see them grow into this kickass person

Eli…hmmm well already said he is a hottie, and he is. But he is our source of paranormal, not going to tell you what because i had to suffer not knowing and you will do the same! but it is new and its not something i’ve run across before and as i said before i don’t normal do completely human stories. So Eli thinks he is evil, i have yet to see him do one evil thing. So that bothers me he is so hard on himself but at the same time i love it because most guy leads are like yeah im badass there is nothing wrong with me, i am perfect. Eli actually has FAULTS GASP! god he is almost human now…hehehehe

The plot, i thought it was pretty well spaced out, not throwing us everything at once, i mean there are surprises but they are spaced out to give us time to catch our breaths but not enough where you are like…well is something going to happen or should i go shower now because you’ve bored me? no nothing like that. But Crane is pretty good with that kind of stuff.

The ending, its a series i wasn’t planning on everything being tied in a pretty bow but i feel like i can breath after finishing it. i mean its not a problem the next one is out so its not like i have to wait forever, but if have something else that you’ve been burning to read you can take a book break and read something else but there is also that lingering…well what will happen next sense which will drive you insane im sure of it because now that i write this review that is all that is going around in my head…. jeeez so this is where i leave you

If you enjoy a nice, balanced mix of human and the paranormal world, well here you go. Enjoy nicely paced book? Well here you go. Enjoy sexy men with violet eyes, black hair, piercings, and an accent, well here you go! all wrapped into one pretty awesome book.