Release Day Blitz: Re-Release of Angels Dawn

Re-release Day – Angels Dawn


Bestselling YA Paranormal Romance Angels Dawn by Komali da Silva

Re-release on the 29th of July 2014

Presented by Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing

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Dawn Huntington wants what every girl wants, a sweet sixteen birthday party with her friends, family, and some hot boys, but fate has other plans. On the night of Dawn’s sixteenth birthday, she witnesses a crime she can’t turn her back on, and the decisions she makes that night will change her life forever.

Never having been confronted with such violence, Dawn turns to a mysterious and beautiful boy named Angelo, only she can’t remember what happens that night. To make things more complicated, Dawn is in a relationship with Angelo’s complete opposite, Nate. Dawn doesn’t want to hurt Nate, yet she can’t shake her feelings for Angelo, even when she can’t help but feel he’s hiding something from her, and it could be something dark. Why is Angelo acting so weird around Bonita? Are they together? Are they really only friends?

Angelo may be trouble, but Dawn can’t ignore her feelings for him. Dawn is at a crossroads. Should she choose love? Or friendship? Once Dawn finally finds the courage to choose, she thinks the drama is over. But Dawn wasn’t expecting her choices to have such dire consequences.

Do you believe in love at first sight? But can one trust someone blindly? Can love overcome all the obstacles?

Is friendship just the beginning of love?


Komali da Silva, was born and raised in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an Island situated just south of India. .
She started writing as a teenager but never took it very serious, because at that time her love for basketball and track and field sports was much stronger.
At the age of seventeen she moved to Switzerland with her sister to live with their father. Komali has a degree in Insurance but is dreaming of having her own book cafe one day.
Komali adores reading. Some of her favorite authors include Lauren Kate, Cassandra Clare, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Cecelia Ahern, J.K. Rowling and Richelle Mead.
She started immortalizing her words on paper in June 2012. At that time what she didn’t know was, that she was pregnant with her first baby.
After her daughter Amália Ishwari was born, Komali finished her debut novel Angels Dawn.

Komali now lives in Bern Switzerland with her husband, daughter and two cats.

Stay tuned on her author page to find out more about her next adventure in Dawn’s world.





Magic Within the Pages


Prepare yourself for a Cliffhanger that will leave you teary eyed and wishing for a little bit more of everything.


AWESOME debut novel.




Amazeballs Book Addicts


This book sent me to a different world. It was just so well written and I have been craving a book like this.




Jenny’s Book Reviews


A Must Read


An intriguing new twist to angels that I haven’t seen before, you absolutely fall in love with the characters.




We Stole Your Book Boyfriend


I cannot wait for book 2, I need to know what the heck is going on , so many questions left and as annoying as that is , it is exactly what makes me love a book and rate it 5 stars !!



All About Books


The story has action and suspense. Funny moments and very sad ones too. It pretty much has everything you want in a story.




Fallen For Books


Fantastic Book!


I will just tell you that you should read this book as soon as you can. The flow, the story is so smooth that will make you fall in love with it.











Cover Reveal: Fate and other Coincidences by Cecilia Robert


Book Title: Fate and Other Coincidences
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Designed by Regina Wamba Mae I Design.


Sometimes Mr. Everything is waiting around the corner, holding a glass slipper.
After being shamelessly dumped via voicemail and losing a bid to work for one of the most prestigious magazines in the country, Michaela Bennett tries living life on the edge. But then she meets Ayden Black, a kilt-wearing, pierced, wild card and everything changes. He makes her want to buy all the bassinets and booties in the world, calling her dream of settling down with Mr. Right to the surface. But she’s been down that road before, and she’s not about to tumble down it again. She’s tired of waiting for Mr. Everything to sweep her off her feet. This time, she’s going to throw caution to the wind and go for Mr. Fun. But what happens when Mr. Fun becomes Mr. Everything?

Ayden Black has been in love with Michaela for as long as he can remember. There’s only one problem: she doesn’t know he exists. So when a fateful, drunken encounter suddenly puts him on her radar, he’s ready. He just has to sharpen his flirting skills first. Juggling a failing company, and a coveted new job, his life is in turmoil. But there’s one thing he knows for sure: Michaela may be the only person that can help him save his business, and he’s not about to let her slip through his fingers. True love couldn’t have better timing.

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About the author:

I enjoy writing stories about people finding love in the most unexpected places, coupled with adventurous journeys, whether it’s urban, fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary or paranormal romance. There’s always a happy ever after, no matter how long it takes to get there. When I’m not working in my full time job, I don my supermom cape, or in most cases find myself trapped between the pages of a book in search for a hero who’ll make me swoon with just a look or a word. My favourite form of therapy is knitting. Best. Therapy. Ever.

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To Save the Broken Heart (Dragons, Centaurs and Griffons, Oh My! #2) by Margaret Taylor


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Summary Via Goodreads:


Lanni Heegan is having a really bad day. Recently recovered from being mostly dead, she sets off to save War Advisor Arin Manus from an unsure fate at the hands of the traitorous Griffons. But what starts out as a rescue mission, soon has her in yet another mess. Will she have the strength to survive or will she need saving herself?

Arin Manus is also having a really bad day. Traded to the Orc’s, his rage over Lanni’s death and his own circumstances will not be tempered anytime soon. Or will it? Can he put aside his desire for vengeance and escape to fight another day or will he allow it to consume his broken heart and kill him…

Are either of them strong enough to combat the plans set in motion by the dark evil bent on ruling The Five Kingdoms? Do either of them have the necessary fortitude to fight the battles ahead? Or will they wallow in self-pity and give in to the ancient Prophecy that started it all…

Find out if Arin and Lanni can Save Their Broken Hearts in the continuing saga of Dragons, Griffons and Centaurs, Oh My!…


My Review: 5 out of 5 stars

^^ that is kinda how i look right now.

Second night in a row that I lost sleep to this woman fantastic writing. And now I have to wait until August to get the next one. I think not. TIME TO STALK….

oh wait…

Damn. I guess I will have to wait like everyone else *pouts*

Okay first warning: This is BOOK TWO of a Series!!! NOTE THAT PLEASE!! Because while I will not do spoilers for this book, there will possibly be spoilers from book one. Good? Good!

Song Choice: “I and love and you” The Avett Brothers, “Back to the Start” by Mr Little Jeans, “Atlantis” by Ellie Goulding

First thoughts: Welp this just blew book one out of the water, what a fantastic sequel! I can’t even…it was so amazing! I love that Margaret did the unexpected in this one, book one was full of unexpectedness but this, this was…just mind-blowing. I was granted a first a little disappointed with some of the choices, but in the end, I think it make the book so much better on the choices she made. I loved this book. I loved it and I want the next one, can i have the next one now? Because you know how everyone complained for book one having a cliffie, well hello edge of cliff, because THIS is a cliffhanger XD as with book one, the writing was fantastic, pacing amazing, characters superb, everything that a paranormal, fantasy reader will love I am more than certain of it. Honestly too, I don’t know maybe it because i am so well versed in paranormal, fantasy-ness, or maybe it because of my utter love these books but I would say this would be good for even beginner paranormal readers. (I think it might be because i am super in love with these books)

Thoughts on Plot: AHHHH Seriously

I LOVED THIS BOOK. So much. I am sorry if that makes my review seem a little bias, but its seems really hard lately to find really good, unique full out paranormal-ish fantasy or even urban fantasies that really bring on the action, the romance, the delightful characters. I love that we have expanded a bit more too, there are new characters we get to meet and I am damned excited about them. We experience it all in this book much like last one as well. There is heart, there is laughter, there is sad parts that made me want to scream to the heavens. I have to say this series, nay this author is utterly addicting and i am finding the only way i might possibly get over my book hanger-over from this series (while i “patiently” wait for the next one) is to check out her other books. okay, okay back to book number two. So I was super eager to start this, especially since the blurb was focusing on two of my favorite characters. So if you read book one you know everyone thinks that Lanni is dead, if you didn’t i warned you before I was going to do spoilers for book one, sorry!! Anyways so Lanni is pretty much on her own…well that is until she makes some new friends, and by good she is so sassy and i will get to her soon. I really loved her parts of the book i was so eager to get back to them and learn what she was up too. Arin’s parts of the book were so sad and my heart was breaking for him, but I loved every moment of it. So I really felt like Terra and Draven were pushed back for this book, they weren’t gone, they really reappeared at the end and holy adventure, action, awesomeness!! And new characters get spotlights as well, together all these formed a fantastic paced second novel that will keep you on your toes, your heart in your throat, and screaming like Anakin at the end of Episode Three in Stars Wars even though that was debt-ably the worst Star Wars
So you are going to look like this:

I cannot wait to get my grubby little paws all over the next one. Cause hot damn this series is fantastic ^.^


Lanni: She is so sassy, so smart, and so self-less in this book. I love her to death, I really do. She is becoming one of my top favorite Female MCs out there. I don’t know why but instantly clicked with her in book one, and this just grew my love for her. She makes some seriously hard decisions in this book, she does not have it easy, but never once does she back down or cower. She is a real trooper and I cannot wait to see what happens to her next.

Arin: So I mentioned how much I loved him in my first review. I still do but my heart broke a little for him in this book (a lot it broke a lot) and I was happy to see that he does get some happiness in this book as well. As we readers who read the first book know he is devastated to find out about Lanni’s “passing” but not only that is has been taken, and tortured, our poor handsome Chimera. He has a tough journey as well and I am happy to see he remained strong and true to himself.

Terra & Draven (yes i am doing them together): Both in this book I think grew from the last book and they wiggled their way into my heart. I really do love them together because they are so freaking cute! I think they are an amazing dynamite pair that will take the world by storm! ;)

Phara: I liked her and I really cannot wait to see where her story takes her but I am pretty sure i know where it might take her, and can i say, YAY!!!

Mithrin: Um…where did he disappear to? Sorry i had to ask. I really like him and I cannot WAIT to read more about him seriously! but where did he go?

Tollo: oh yes. I loved him. sooo cute!! (you will understand why this is short when you read this book (yes when!)

Rygan: Who we meet him at the very, very, very end of book one. He as quite a few surprises up his sleeve.

There is one more character but I don’t want to give anything away with her because she is a very mysterious and interesting character. She really truly was not what i was expecting, in a good way I promise

So here is the jist, i told you already the ending was…cliffhanger-y. and I want more. What more do you need? ;)

To Light the Dragon’s Fire (Dragons, Centaurs and Griffins, oh My! Book 1) by Margaret Taylor


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Summary via Goodreads:

Independent and feisty Terra Heegan is on the verge of sacrificing everything to save her family’s struggling trucking company. But, she wants one last hoorah before settling into a loveless marriage. With her sister, Lanni, Terra takes a trip into the Mountains of Wyoming to explore one of the few places left on Earth where adrenaline and wit are the only things that can keep her out of trouble…

Dragon King, Draven Taraxus, never wanted the crown. Born to a dying breed of Rulers, Draven has sat on the throne for the last 100 years, thanks to his father’s impeachment. Boredom and stagnation have left his kingdom, and his heart, ripe for the picking by a power hungry evil that has spent the same amount of time plotting and scheming to take over.

Everything is in place. The pieces have all been set and all Evil needs is one last ingredient to rule everything. The love of a human with fire-red hair and silvery eyes that will…Light The Dragon’s Fire.

My Review: (5 out of 5 stars)


This was amazing.

I can’t even begin to describe how pleasantly surprised and pleased I was with this book.

One more cryptic gif that you won’t understand how funny it really is until you read the book. Cause you should totally read this book. So amazing.

Song Choice: “Murder in the City” by The Avett Brothers, “Latch” by Disclosure, “You Are the Moon” by the Hush Sound

First thoughts: Okay, okay let me say this first and foremost. I am terrified to read Shifter books anymore, I LOVE THEM, I LOVE LOVE LOVE SHIFTERS, weres whatever. I love them. But whenever I seem to come across them its a book that is paranormal erotica, which is fine, once in awhile, but dammit I want a book thick with plot, and adventure, and yes some romance. THANK YOU MARGARET TAYLOR!! THANK YOU!!! Uhhhh I am not even going to lie going in this my first thoughts were, alright its going to be dragon-shifter “erotica” without the erotica title, it wasn’t. It was adventure, action, mystery, intrigue, it was FUCKing FANTASTIC! I loved every moment of this. I started it and had to be pried away from it. Pried. Seriously.

Thoughts on Plot: So not going to lie again, starting this out, I was pretty sure I was going to be scared out of my mind. Why? Because the first dragon we come across is literally two football fields big, and doesn’t seem to have a human form. I was like oh no….oh noooo, not please….So thank god, call me weird but I am not into seeing animals and humans getting it on, no matter if the said “animal” is as intelligent and human-istic, just no. So yeah I was a little (a lot) worried. And they were in another world!! ANOTHER WORLD!! It was insane!! I was thrown off with the fact this was more of a Fantasy Paranormal novel, I loved it! Took me awhile to get the termology down, but i got it, and I soared right through this book. I loved how it wasn’t conventionally set up where it is, lets sit and build up to the “conflict” and “problems” it was like lets do this thing, and lets do it now. Right off the bat we are thrown into action, and the whole book keeps up this way, I don’t even know how I managed to stop reading it to be perfectly honest. I was so set on reading this until the bitter end… BWHAHAHAHA but alas i couldn’t. I had to get up in the morning to go to work (and not ;) ;) secretly finish reading it there) and I am not one of those people that is just like screw it, i will just be tired at work. So anyways UGHHH SOOOOO MUCCH LOVE!!! I can’t get over how amazing this was!! Not only does she have dragon-shifters (YUMMY) but she brought in a wide variety of new paranormals, that range from unicorns to chimera and if you don’t know what that is look it up ;) OR better yet read this book ;) And if you know me, you know I love my unusual paranormals! So the writing? Fantastic! Okay so I do have to say this, at first i thought the villain species choice was a little cheesy, but i grew to really respect the hell out of her decision, and now I am so in love with it, its not even funny.


Terra: So originally, I thought this book going got be for her and her beau, and I was pleasantly surprised when it included Arin, and Lanni. I will get to them soon. But Terra was the “older” twin, in all senses of the word, really. I mean Lanni had her moments and i will get to her in a moment, but Terra was strong willed, feisty and all around an awesome character. She was willing to give up everything in order to save her family, so when she goes on one last trip with the sis, she gets everything she deserves, in a good way. I liked her a lot and I thought she was a very interesting character. For some reason though as I tend to do, I “fall” for the side/underdog. To me Terra was no the underdog in this situation, Lanni was and therefore, she almost automatically became my favorite twin.

Lanni: So she is the younger one, she parents dotted, and loved on Terra more, she got it better. Which surprised me to learn because it always seemed almost like Terra was resentful for the role Lanni got so i was expecting to be the other way around. Lanni is the reader, and she has a hot tempter but I really liked her. While she has a hot tempter i saw her as more of the “gentle” twin, and I really like gentle characters, I don’t know why i do, but i usually always side with them. I am very excited to see where she is headed, in the book :D

Draven: Big Alpha male type, who is a dragon shifter, what isn’t there to like? I really enjoyed him and I am excited to learn more about him ^.^

Arin: Now he is VERY interesting to me. I really liked the idea of him, and i am interested in his past, (of course i am super interested in him, how could I not be, he is interested in Lanni XD) anyways. I look forward to continuing his story as well. ^.^

So the ending: I can’t even recall how many times I saw people were pissed off with the cliffhanger at the end of this. I mean yeah it wasn’t nice, but it also was NOT the worst i had ever seen, seriously it was pretty tame. And if i wasn’t so infatuated with this series anyways, I could wait if I had to. Luckily I don’t have to the second off is out, and I bought it half way through this one XD hahaha NOW im off to read more :D


Blog Tour: When Night Falls by Airicka Phoenix



Book Title: When Night Falls

Author: Airicka Phoenix

Publisher: Fire & Ash Publishing

Release date: July 7, 2014

Genre: Young Adult Sci-Fi, Thriller with strong elements of Romance

Warnings: Language and zombies

Formats: eBook & Paperback

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full cover

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Author Website:

Author Facebook Page:…/252135634831614






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Earth as we know it no longer exists. Humanity has destroyed itself and with it any chance we may have had of returning.

What had started as a six month voyage through the stars becomes a nightmare when the passengers are stranded in space without hope. With Earth gone, the crew and passengers of The Dawn Light are left wandering the galaxy in search of a new planet. After years of searching, one is found, but no one is prepared for the terror that takes claim of the Galaxy Cruiser when one by one the people begin to turn, mutating into flesh eating monsters.

For Scarlett, Hunter and Rolf, this means being trapped in a sardine can full of piranhas. Their only hope… to get the hell out before they’re next, but someone on the ship wants to be the only survivor to reach the new planet and will do anything to stop them. But just how far are they willing to go?

Death no longer has a limit.

above author



International Best-Selling author Airicka Phoenix lives in a world where unicorns, fairies and mermaids run amok through her home on a daily basis. When she’s not chasing after pixies and rounding up imps, also known as her four children, she can be found conjuring up evil villains, bad-ass heroines and swoon-worthy heroes to play with.

Airicka is singlehandedly responsible for her greatly anticipated collections, the Touch Saga, The Lost Girl Duology, The Regeneration Series, Games of Fire, & Betraying Innocence.


She also writes adult paranormal & contemporary romance under the dark guise of Morgana Phoenix. Be sure to check out her Sons Of Judgment Saga & My Soul For You.


For more about Airicka and the realm she rules with an iron fist—and tons of chocolate—visit her at:

My Review:

(i still love you Airicka, but seriously :| <= SERIOUSLY?!)

How can one person be so cruel? Why do you like to torture us Airicka? *grumbles…* fine lets get on with the review.

Song Choice: “Guilty Kisses” by Ilya – yeah only one sorry but its an eight minute song.

First thoughts: Holy fudgers, ugh THIS was…just THIS! Amazing doesn’t seem to cover it. I normally eat up Airicka’s books, I devoured this. Heart-racing, hands sweating, sitting on the edge of my seat, fighting sleep, that is what this book was. Prepare yourselves….I dare might even say…this might be my favorite Airicka book. Touching Eternity and When Night Falls are tied. And if you know me, I would have a baby with Touching Eternity I loved it so much. This was explosive. So amazing

Thoughts on Plot:

Now it was never confirmed that is what they were, but when something wants flesh for nom noms, I usually go with Zombies. IN SPACE! Sounds almost corny doesn’t it? It isn’t i promise! This was spectular. Though i was very curious about the world that was “left” behind originally, and they couldn’t return to for reasons… i am not trying to be purposefully vague but I don’t even think I read the blurb to this, I just dove in. I highly recommend that too. ;) So back to the world that was left behind, I was curious about it, because we are obviously in the future, but idk I was a little I guess feeling left behind. Like i was missing a pieces of the puzzle for awhile, but they did start revealing more stuff as the plot went on. But this is what I can say, this was an adventure, terrifying, fun, and oh so sexy ;) I mean, Airicka always has a man for us. I got that, I don’t feel right about this feeling a lot. Good thing too, trust your instincts my friends!!! So I didn’t know when starting this it was going to be a series (should I have been surprised? Nope. Not at all ;) Airicka’s ideas a HUGE, and when I say huge, I mean massively huge, and can only be expressed in a series. I am not complaining AT ALL). Anyways moving on, so I guess this book could be broken up almost in three pieces. The beginning, all is good, we learn a little more about life before (not a whole lot) because we are learning about life for them now, then the middle-ish when things start getting WAY INTENSE, and problems are happening, then the end where we start to get some results…or do we? Idk you will have to find out ;) Seriously though, God i can’t get over how much i loved this. i HIGHLY recommend it, even if you aren’t a huge sci-fi fan i think you will enjoy this.

^^ my face after finishing this.

This too:



Thoughts on Characters:

Scarlett: I really, really liked her. She was different from most of Airicka’s MC’s while I enjoy the other ladies and I do, she wasn’t as abrasive in my opinion, she felt softer, a bit quieter and there is nothing wrong with that. i think she is smarter than she thinks, and I think she is one of those quiet observers that things started to click for her without her even realizing it. I think she has the capacity to figure everything out in time. I really enjoyed though that while she was afraid, she was willing to fight and survive.

Rolf: *mmeeeoooow* I don’t know what it is, but maybe Canada is just full of these super smexy men that Airicka (and a few other Canadian authors I know) are hoardering all for themselves! Orrrr Airicka’s husbands like ridiculously swoon worthy……well this just got awkward….moving on! Rolf was in my opinion a character that needed some growing up to do, and he did, thank goodness. I mean he was silent and sexy but he had a few (a lot) of skeletons in the closet and he took forever to come clean and become his own man, but when he did, boy did he….kinda wish this was a Morgana book, I’d love to see what he was….okay i am getting awkward again im going to stop. ;)

Hunter: I think I got it now. I think i got it. I do. Anyways good best friend, good supporting-ness. :)

The ending: 


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Elsker (The Elsker Saga 1) by S.T. Bende


Summary Via Goodreads:

A Sweet New Adult Paranormal Romance series, featured in USA Today.
Kristia Tostenson prefers Earl Grey to Grey Goose and book clubs to nightclubs, but when she transfers from her one-stoplight town to Cardiff University in Wales she falls in love with Ull Myhr. Her new boyfriend isn’t exactly what she was expecting. He’s an honest-to-goodness Norse God — an immortal assassin fated to die at Ragnarok, the battle destined to destroy Asgard and Earth. Kristia’s crazy visions are the only thing that can save their realms. Her orderly life just got very messy.

My Review:

4.5 really…im on the fence… ughh yeah 4.5 

Song Choice: “I and love and you” by the Avett Brothers, “The Girl” by City and Colour, “Tisbury Lane” by Mae

First Thoughts: When I started this I couldn’t read it fast enough, I powered right through probably the first good 3/4s of the book, then I started to lose some momentum. *sigh* I should explain, I like when things are always in motion. I like my books to be heavy, heavy on the action. Unfortunately for me this book didn’t have quite the type of action I was so desperately looking for. I get it, I get it, I do that this is the first in the series, that it is okay to start a series a little slower, but when we have pending doom hanging over our heads, and you introduce, fairly early on this “dark” character I want more of them. So while I lost some of my momentum, I thought this was a fantastic read and I cannot wait to continue on. Right so there is my condensed review, lets move on the to “big gunsss….”

Thoughts on Plot:
So I really liked the idea of this plot when I read the summary, of course I kind did a skim over, so I just read “Norse God Boyfriend” or something like that and I was like GIMMIE. I love mythology, while my heart lies mostly with Greek, I will take Norse any day. So imagine my great surprise on this. It was the telling of how two peoples fall in love. They both have their own little secrets, and time will reveal them, but I enjoyed the development of their relationship and the learning of the secrets (even though we already know ;)). I think that for a beginning of a series it really sets up the “saga” all and all which its supposed to do. I am definitely interested in seeing what might happening next. Like i mentioned above really I think the book moved amazingly well in the beginning, I couldn’t stop my addiction to this book. I just wanted to gobble it right up, but near the end I was wondering a little where it was going? Where was the main conflict going to be, and there was conflict along with some new surprises so I HIGHLY recommend you keep going to the end, totally worth it.


Kristia: She was our MC, she was the outcast in her very, very small town, her parents felt very breezed over and I sort of wished we had known a little more about them. Kristia made it pretty clear though that she was raised by her grandmother who had died a couple years before this book starts I enjoyed that it started off running, that we weren’t waiting to learn about all these minute details but we were practically on a plane to Wales. I thought that Kristia was a beautiful mixture of youth and wisdom. She was young that was obvious, but she was also wise, and brave. She went to another country on her own for 9 months (well that was the plan ;) ) anyways I found that she was willing to stand up for what she believed in. She didn’t swoon over Ull when he made a mistake and be like, well its okay. I enjoyed that she stood up for herself, and really did fight for what she believed in… i said that okay. So overall good character, really enjoyed her.

Ull: Sometimes he seemed older for his “age” because of the way he talked, other times he seemed so innocent that I was like…*giggles* I think that there is a lot more that we have yet to see from this scarred warrior. I really am interested in all sides of him and I feel like in this book we only got one side of him, the loving and caring side. For me i felt that he honestly, truly felt love for Kristia, yeah sometimes i think he was more into it than she was. Part of me wondered though for a bit if this love was more for what was “supposed to be” I dk, Like i said I think they have a lot of growing to do together. I really hope more of Ull is exposed ^.^

So there were side-characters but I don’t do them as individually as I use to. I really did enjoy them and I thought they were unique in their own ways.

The ending: I wants more!! (good thing the next one is out…right? I think so.

Reap (Book 1) by Casey L. Bond


, ,


Summary Via Goodreads:

The remnants of the United States of America have been divided. From five enormous, technologically-advanced cities, the Greaters rule over the Lessers.

In the Lesser village of Orchard, things are not as perfect as Abby Kelley thinks they are. When the apple harvest draws near and the Greaters’ engineered fruits become too much for one village to handle alone, reinforcements from neighboring villages are called upon.

Having to choose between her best friend, whom she has no romantic feelings for, and mysterious newcomer Crew, Abby finds herself in the middle of a harvest that she had no intention of becoming a part of. She becomes involved in a situation that threatens the strict rule of the Greaters, and just might give the Lessers hope for a better tomorrow. But, can she help the Lessers without losing Crew?


My Review: 5 out of 5 stars (more even)

It’s been a long, long time, since I have read a book in one day, even probably longer still that I stayed fully awake until 2am reading said book. I can’t even began to tell you how much you NEED to read this book. Do yourself a favor, and do it. Seriously. Just DOOOO ITTTT

Song Choice: “We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow” Soko, “The Way That I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson

First thoughts: Holymygoodness, okay so honestly going into this, I knew a little bit about it, cough i knew it was a dystopia cough that was it. I was never expecting this. This was…fantastic. Not only was the story beyond engaging, fast-paced, never a dull moment here, but the writing, OMGOD THE WRITING, fabulous. Did you know that Casey Bond is a ridiculously amazing writer?! She is. This was my first from her, and definitely will NOT be my last. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Back to the book though, yeah I got hints of Hunger Games with the different cities, and the main city, sure but it was twisted and done in a Casey fashion that I didn’t care. I was so engrossed in the tale that she was spinning (which I might add, I did not see coming!!! <— seriously if you know me that is HUGE, a lot of times I call things miles before the book even gets there).

Thoughts on Plot: Alright so dystopia. The world is pretty much wiped out by a plague, there is the Lessers and there are the Greaters. And me being me, is disgusted by the system and I want to destroy it myself, the whole time I am thinking, why does it matter? You aren’t really living, living the way you are, but must separate myself, this is all they know. Alright moving on. I loved the world-building in this book, it was wonderful, it felt so right. Like okay how do I describe this without sounding insane. It was seamless, there was none that moment you are like wait what? Like you can’t quite get a grip on the world the people are living in. None of that, to me the WRITING, OMGOD THE WRITING WAS AMAZING, I am not getting over that, ever!! Anyways I enjoyed the *wiggles eyebrows* romance. I really bought that for Abby she didn’t love Ky like he did her. (whoops!) Though really you find that out on page on. Anyways I really loved the pace of this book, when I thought I had things figured out I was wrong. When I thought i finally had it, I was still surprised to find out how wrong I was!! Silly me!! I think this will keep you in suspense, and keep you gripping onto your kindle, e-reader, paperback, whatever format you have it in until the very end, then cursing Casey for not having the next one out NOW, BECAUSE I NEED IT NOW…. i mean… no seriously, Casey give it to me now. please and thank you. All in all, I can’t get over how much I loved this book. It was the perfect mixture of adventure, of kickass heroine, romance, dystopia, and just fantastic writing.

(i don’t do this all the time)

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About them!!

Abby: So wow, what an awesome female lead. She was amazing, really strong, really kickass. The best thing about her though that I really liked was that she at first was worried about her little world. Then it evolved, she was beyond mature, and I suppose in the world she lived in she would have to be. She was selfless, so very selfless how she was not a hero in her little village earlier was a surprise to me to be perfectly honest. In the end it was for the greater good, for even better for someone else. Her selfish desires came second. I really loved her spirit, and her just, her. I think you need to read the book too really experience Abby but she is totally, totally worth it!!

Kyan: See he was nice, sweet, and a fun character to banter with, but I feel like there is more for him that we still need to see. I think he will be an interesting person, but I feel like he has the heart of a rebel in him. A man who wants to do good because its what needs to be done.

Crew: What a little mystery. I can honestly say at first I was head over heels for this man, and damn if he doesn’t same some super swoony worthy things, but for reasons i cannot discuss in public he is on probation with me.

Gray: I can’t really go into depth about him unfortunately as he arrives at the end of the book, but he is very protective of Abby and that means to much to me. And I would be a liar if I didn’t say I was in love with him and totally on Team Gray. Seriously.

There were a lot of other characters, the villains (yes plural) were amazingly written, I couldn’t be more disgusted with them!! And ohh just amazing, amazing characters.

The ending: Cliffie? Maybe a tad. Does it leave you wanting more? HELL YES IT DOES. I highly recommend this book. HIGHLY recommend it. So sosososo amazing

Blog Tour: The Donor (part one) by Nikki Rae – Spotlight and Review

unnamed (1)
[Disclaimer: This is a serial novella that will be told in parts about the length of a short story (20-30 pages)]
Casey Williams and her family are poor. Her parents work non-stop and so does she, just so they can keep the trailer roof from leaking.
They’re getting by fine enough when the headaches start. Then there’s the nosebleeds. And the inevitable doctor’s bills.
Fortunately for Casey, there’s an exclusive, quick, and almost easy way to pay it all back before her parents even have to know.
All she has to do is give a man she’s never met whatever he wants from her body.
Author Bio:
Nikki Rae is a writer who lives in New Jersey. As an independent author, she has appeared numerously on Amazon Best Seller lists and she concentrates on making her imaginary characters as real as possible. Nikki writes mainly dark, scary, romantic tales, but she’ll try anything once. When she is not writing, reading, or thinking, you can find her spending time with animals, drawing in a quiet corner, or studying people. Closely.

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My Review:




I want more.



Alright here the jist, this was given to me in exchange for an honest review. And that is what I do. Cool? Cool.

~*~*~NOTE: because this is a serial novella release sort of thing my review will be a bit different~*~*~

Song Choice: “You” by Keaton Henson

Overall thoughts: I think this was cleverly written, I liked how it worked as shifting from present to past, and the past slowly revealing only the information that we need for the scenes in the present at the time. I thought it worked well for the overall story.

There are worse ways to spend time. Especially when time is such a limited thing. 

I think that the slow reveal of information gives the reader a lot of time to come up with their own conclusions. But when you get the answers, don’t be surprised if you are wrong ;). Anyways as always I found Nikki’s writing delightfully, dark, but also almost poetic. I enjoyed the first part and I eagerly wait for the next one. The characters were both distinguished and I look forward to learning more about each of them. Since this was just the beginning of their story I thought it was an amazing start.

So bring on the next one.

No seriously.


ARC Review: Bound by Duty by Stormy Smith


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Summary via Goodreads:


Amelia grew up in a world of half-truths. She knows she’s an Elder but has no idea what that means. Her father reminds her daily that she must maintain control but he refuses to explain why. Even worse, she’s betrothed to the prince of the Immortals and she doesn’t even know his name.

Finally breaking free to live a few normal years at a community college, the last thing Amelia expects is to find her best friend in a cheeky Southern girl and to fall for a self-assured human who sees her for who she is and not what she’ll be.

As she learns more about herself, Amelia realizes the line between love and duty is a thin one. As her power continues to increase exponentially and her questions are slowly answered, Amelia must make the ultimate choice. The question is, will her head or her heart win the battle?


My Review: (4 out of 5 stars)

I quite enjoyed this. A new idea, and very intriguing ^.^

First off: I was given this in exchange for an honest review (thank you so very much for asking me Stormy) but with that said I am going to be completely honest, and yeah :)

Song Choice: “Without You” by Dillon Francis, “Joy” by Ellie Goulding, “Beautiful Lie” by 30 Seconds to Mars, “Steal His Heart” by Emily and the Woods

First thoughts: So I really enjoyed the concept of this book, when Stormy messaged me about the ARC review, I saw the synopsis and I was like, hell yes!!! Let’s do it! And I am so in love with the idea, it was so awesome, i thinks he did a wonderful job of creating a new “universe” with such interesting paranormals as I am going to call them, as a general term, but they are Magis (magii? whats the plural form here ;) okay whatever moving on) I enjoyed that it was a CLEAN NA (when i say that i mean no funny business ;), but its got characters that are in college hence NA). I thought for a debut author, this was very, very amazing ^.^ so before I get carried away in first thoughts as I do lets move on!!!

Thoughts on Plot:
Original, definitely. While I felt that the ideas were a little out of order…um how do I say this right. All the information was there but i feel like we were missing a lot it too. That doesn’t make sense let me try again. Okay so I was under the impression that Amelia mostly knew what was going on, but she didn’t. So she knew a little and what she knew, we know (obviously Becca, jeez). The point was that we learn with her, but things are so messed up, people are lying all the time its hard to know who is telling the truth, who we are supposed to trust. I think there were a lot, alot of players brought into this book but we still didn’t get a clear view of who the real good guys are, maybe that was what Stormy was going for, which would be awesome, but usually in things like this there is a group that we are hoping to root for. I think with this being the first in a series that we are just being introduced to everything so there is time to expand on it which I am eagerly looking forward too, so yeah Stormy *cracks whip* get working on book two ;). Alright now that i am done torturing the author, back to the plot. I thought the pace was a little off for the beginning but it got into the right swing after a while and damn, damn, damn I want more. I so want more. I liked the ideas that were presented, I liked that Stormy went in different directions then i would think the book would go.


First I am going to do something I haven’t done in a while and don’t do very often….CASTING!!! YAY!!




Now onto them!! (there were other characters but I felt this were the “main” players

Unfortunately I think for me this is where I had a hard time. :/ I wouldn’t say she is a bad character at all, but her and my personalities clashed….alot. She is one of those people they don’t really seem to have a filter, and I don’t know in very character form, it was almost like she didn’t realize what she was saying until she had already said it. Does that make any sense? Yeah so while she is allowed tantrums because hell she is having a lot dropped on her, but I think that I was in disbelief how quickly she got mad sometimes, it was just too soon in my opinion, but hey she had a lot on her shoulders. I think though she is a very loyal character, that is very completely selfless.

So I don’t trust the blonde men in books. Why? Because im psycho that is pretty much why. I didn’t quite trust Micah throughout the book but I did start accepting his presence, much i think like Amelia did. In the end though I think he did truly care about Amelia and especially Bethany.

Damn, holy hot damn. I really, really liked him. He has a few secrets of his own, his past isn’t happy but he falls and falls hard for Amelia. I liked that he had moments where he was all like, “me, man, you, woman, rrawwww” (aka alpha male-ish), but he was also very sensitive and lays it all out on the line for Amelia, I think to be honest he was my favorite character <3

I should admit I have a weird (VERY WEIRD) sort of …crush on Rhi….please don’t judge me.

There are side characters, like Cole, Bethany, Julia, I don’t want to get into them specifically but i think they were really well developed characters with their own personalities and traits. Though I am a little suspicious of Cole, still. I realize that i am weird. I know.

The ending: :| <– thats my, cliffies aren’t nice and I want more now. like now, now. (so yes i will continue on with this series.

Add it to your Goodreads:

Release Day Blitz: The Donor (Part One) by Nikki Rae

unnamed (2)
unnamed (1)
[Disclaimer: This is a serial novella that will be told in parts about the length of a short story (20-30 pages)]
Casey Williams and her family are poor. Her parents work non-stop and so does she, just so they can keep the trailer roof from leaking.
They’re getting by fine enough when the headaches start. Then there’s the nosebleeds. And the inevitable doctor’s bills.
Fortunately for Casey, there’s an exclusive, quick, and almost easy way to pay it all back before her parents even have to know.
All she has to do is give a man she’s never met whatever he wants from her body.
Author Bio:
Nikki Rae is a writer who lives in New Jersey. As an independent author, she has appeared numerously on Amazon Best Seller lists and she concentrates on making her imaginary characters as real as possible. Nikki writes mainly dark, scary, romantic tales, but she’ll try anything once. When she is not writing, reading, or thinking, you can find her spending time with animals, drawing in a quiet corner, or studying people. Closely.

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