A Wolf’s Duty by Jennifer Alli


Summary via Goodreads: 

It isn’t everyday that a werewolf finds their mate but after two hundred years of waiting Tobias is more than willing to overlook Alexandria’s humanity and bring her into a world she never knew existed.

Eager to escape her father’s brutal fists, Alex lets her instant connection to Tobias overcome her natural reserve but she quickly finds his world is no less dangerous than the one she left behind.

As secrets come to light revealing how extraordinarily different Alex truly is, will their love survive or will his duty and her differences keep them apart?


My Review: 3 out of 5 stars


Werewolves. I love werewolves. I was so excited for this.

And then….

Well ….

Song Choice: “Face Down” by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, “I and Love and You” by The Avett Brothers

First Thoughts: Soooo….like I didn’t hate this book, I had a few things (okay maybe more than a few) that I just couldn’t get over, and it really pulled me out of the whole reading experience and make me either yell at the characters, the book, or even scratch my head and go…huh? But see I wanted to love it, I really did, but ughhh I just couldn’t bring myself to. I really did like the action in this book and I was happy to see that I really, really was :)

Thoughts on Plot: so this book started off kinda awesome, and I was really excited about it, but about probably 15 maybe 20% into the book things started to um go downhill a bit.. alot… sort of. For me at least. I mean Tobias seems to want to do what is best for Alex, but I felt like he didn’t take in consideration her feelings, at all. Which seemed to really contradict the idea of the true mates in this book. With wolves that is to be expected, true mates I mean. I just had a hard time with it because it felt like half wanting to go with the grain, and do the natural wolf-true-mates thing, easy fall in love sort of ness, but the main girl (who apparently just decides things about herself) is slower to it, but not. I felt like this book was fighting between wanting to do the norm, to doing the unnatural, which is for werewolves mates to actually FALL in love with each other, so that we can see it. After awhile for me, it felt like it just dropped off and stopped trying, and just accepted the wolf-true-mateness. Again this could be completely all me. So that was a problem for me, because I just didn’t believe in their relationship as much as i feel like I should have…I think i would have been perfectly alright with just making them insta-love with each other because at least I had something to believe in. Anyways moving on from that, the tone seemed really proper and almost stiff at times which again made it a little uncomfortable to read? I am not sure…. So getting over that-ness, I liked the action that was presented in this book, the multiple use of different villains and what nots, it was interested and kept the book going. Oh the sexy scenes too? To me they felt really forced, and the first one felt REALLY out of place…and I was wondering what the hell it was doing so early in the book when the characters were in the middle of playing tug-a-war with their feelings (well Alex was at least)…..


Alex: Um…okay. Part of me liked her. Really liked her, she was survivor, but she didn’t see herself in that light, she was modest for the most part which was awesome. But she was walking contradiction. She didn’t want to see Tobias as a murderer but she had some very murderess decisions herself. She was shocked by some people’s actions which seemed odd as she did the same exact thing, essentially. I feel like we were always getting half of her and not all of her, I was waiting for her real personality to explode out…if that makes sense, for the most part I liked her, but she had very <= WTF moments? But thank god in the beginning she acted almost like a normal reasonable person, but there were a few moments in the beginning of the book that again she just decided these things upon herself. It almost felt like the author wanted to add that Alex had repressed memories, that would appear later making the reader go…ohh okay that is why she accepted it so easily…but that never happened and when it sort of did i didn’t believe/trust it much?

Tobias: Ummm…..I felt instead of a 300+ year old Prince, he felt more like a toddler who didn’t want people taking away his toy sometimes…Its weird like he is waayyyyy too protective, to the point its not sexy, its annoying and almost debilitating. Also I get he is a guy…I get he is a male, wolf in a human body, with a man as well, so lots and lots of wanting of the sex, but seriously i felt like that is all he wanted from her sometimes….and um WTF?! for their first time together, like together, together….? it was her first time, he knew that, but he just went …okay calming down… So while he wasn’t my favorite main man, he is not the worst i have read. He did have redeeming qualities

The Council: Is the council filled with the stupidest people they could possibly find? Also the least wolf-ish like males in the universe? Seriously I thought they were unnecessary and all of them were beyond stupid. I don’t even understand why the King had kept them…They are all horrible people, I can’t express how much I hate them, and they weren’t even the villains they were supposed to be the good guys?

The ending: It was good. Tied up nicely.

I honestly am not sure if I will be continuing on with the series.

To Free The Dragon’s Soul by Margaret Taylor



Summary via Goodreads: 

Terra Heegan and Draven Taraxus had no choice but to retreat from Bra’ka. Still, settling for running things from the Harpies Capitol isn’t working either. Especially with Golix free to continue his plotting and planning…

No one knows where Lanni Heegan is, or even if she’s still alive. Can she be found and rescued? Or will our stalwart champions be left to face more grief…

Will the former Orc Assassin, Haydn Durel become an asset to the cause? Or will she turn and betray them all…

Can any of them survive the latest onslaught of evil and live to fight another day? Or will darkness finally prevail across two worlds…

Find out if our Heroes and Heroines are strong enough to Free their Dragons Soul in the next thrilling installment of the Dragons, Griffons and Centaurs, Oh My! Series.


My Review: 5 out of 5 stars



This is the third in a series that I am bananas, but note it is the THIRD in the series, while I will not do spoilers for this book but there might (probably) will be spoilers for book one and two, cool? Cool.

Song Choice: “Color Confused” by JAYMAY, “White Blank Paper” by Mumford and Sons

First Thoughts: I was DYING for this book after finishing book two! Dying!! Seriously…. it was pretty bad, ;) but anyways, it was everything I was hoping for and more! New characters, old characters, some stories finish up, some are just starting. I love this series because its always moving, there is always a new story to tell, and we always dig a little deeper into the great grand plan of Golix

hehehe I couldn’t help myself

Thoughts on Plot: Sooooooo we left the book on a little bit of a cliffhanger

Sooo anyways, I was dying to know what was going to happen with Lanni, and Mithrin <— especially because he disappeared in the last half of the book!!! And omgosh sosososo much happened. And this was the same. There was so much going on, I didn’t feel overwhelmed by it, instead i embraced it and loved every moment. I love, so much love, that there was a lot of action (and romance) in this book. I really loved that there was a lot going on, but it was all connected, we were burrowing deeper, and deeper in the crazed mind and plans of Golix, not to mention he has a few surprises of his own. We get to meet a few new characters, who all seem very, very interesting and I am excited to learn more about them. Very interested in Tian. I think that the pacing in this book was fantastic! I think that this one really steps up and brings on the heart-ache. Bring those tissues on.


hmmm there are a lot… O.O

Terra, Lanni, Draven, Arin, and Hayden we all know pretty well by now, I was excited again as I was for Lanni and Mith’s parts, (still hoping for more from them!!!)

Fallon: She is a new character, who happens to be the distant cousin of Terra and Lanni’s so you know what that means right? She is totally kickass! Yes, yes she is. I really liked the unique-ness that is her. I am (and if you know me, you know this already) I am a HUGE fan of unique, unexpected characters. And Fallon was that, she really did become a personal favorite of mine. I think she was sassy, smart, and just awesome.

Fyris: When we meet him last book my original thought was this: I love you and I want your book….because I like grumpy characters, they are fun! They have interesting, dark past, and when they fall, they fall hard. And boy did Fyris live up to that hehee, I do hope to see more of his relationship and seeing it grow a little more.

Phara: We meet her last book and she had a pretty good role, I was happy to see her story continued, albeit it was little in the background, I think she is a fun character, and I can’t wait to see where her story leads her.

There are new characters we are introduced to in this book I cannot talk about because of spoilers, but again I am so very intrigued by them and I cannot wait to see what Margaret does.

The ending: how? why? CRUEL!!! CRUEL WOMAN CRUEL.
^^ that is how i am picturing Margaret right now

^^^ that is how I am right now

Release Day Blitz: Blood Beyond (Darkness Series #4) by Stacey Marie Brown

It’s HERE! The day has
finally arrived!

The final book in the Darkness Series has arrived!!




After months of searching, Ember and her friends have finally located the Sword of Light, the only weapon capable of destroying Queen Aneira and ending her rule. This is Ember’s destiny. Or so she thought. Now a pact to save the man she loves changes everything.

In this final installment in the Darkness Series, when the truth comes to light, Ember will learn some things are better left in the dark as her world is ripped even further apart. It is no longer a rabbit hole, but a never-ending black void full of endless lies, betrayals, and secrets.

The fight for Earth has begun, and Ember will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save millions of innocent lives and those she loves.

But this price may be too high—even for her.


Stacey Marie Brown by day is an Interior/Set Designer, by night a writer of Paranormal Fantasy, Adventure, and Literary Fiction. She grew up in Northern California, where she ran around on her family’s farm, raising animals, riding horses, playing flashlight tag, and turning hay bales into cool forts. Even before she could write, she was creating stories and making up intricate fantasies. Writing came as easy as breathing. She later turned that passion into acting, living and traveling abroad, and designing. Though she had never stopped writing, moving back to San Francisco seemed to have brought it back to the forefront and this time it would not be ignored.

When she’s not writing she’s out hiking, spending time with friends, traveling, listening to music, or designing.




**Warning: The Darkness Series is not YA, but a NA Series**
Darkness of Light (Darkness #1)

Ember Brycin has been called them all. She’s always known she’s different. No one has ever called her normal, even under the best circumstances. Bizarre and inexplicable things continually happen to her, and having two different colored eyes, strange hair, and an unusual tattoo only contributes to the gossip about her.

When the latest school explosion lands her in a facility for troubled teens, she meets Eli Dragen, who’s hot as hell and darkly mysterious. Their connection is full of passion, danger, and secrets. Secrets that will not only change her life, but what and who she is—leading her down a path she never imagined possible.

Between Light and Dark, Ember finds a world where truth and knowledge are power and no one can be trusted. But her survival depends on finding out the truth about herself. In her pursuit, she is forced between love and destiny and good and evil, even when the differences between them aren’t always clear. At worst, she will incite a war that could destroy both worlds. At best, she will not only lose her heart but her life and everyone she loves. Once the truth is out, however, there will be no going back. And she’ll definitely wish she could.

Fire in the Darkness (Darkness #2)

It’s been four weeks since Ember Brycin witnessed what her powers are capable of. The Electrical Current Storm has turned Seattle, Washington into a natural disaster zone. The death toll is in the thousands with countless others homeless and hungry.
And Ember is the one who caused it. Something she will have to live with every day.

Those people who were unable to escape either turned quickly into gangs or live in shelters. Ember, on the other hand, can’t do either. With a price on her head and a Dark Dweller on her ass, she is constantly on the move. Both Light and Dark are hunting her for their own purpose to use her as a weapon or a pawn in the war between the Unseelie King of the Dark and the Seelie Queen of the Light.

Em needs help but doesn’t know who to trust: Lars, the mystery man Torin told her to find? Torin, the Seelie Queen’s personal knight, who has sworn to keep Em safe? Or Eli, who wants to turn her over to the Unseelie King, but whom she has an undeniable, intense connection with?

No matter what she chooses she will probably lose—her life or everything and everyone she loves.

Beast In The Darkness (An Elighan Dragen Novelette)
(Darkness #2.5)

We know the story from Ember’s POV, but what happens to Eli after Ember disappears? Crawl inside Eli’s mind and experience what he goes through. Be warned his mind in not a fuzzy warm place to be….

Dwellers of Darkness (Darkness #3)
Some days feel like years, but in Ember Brycin’s case just the opposite is true. Em would be 22 now—if she were human. She’s not. She is a Dae—part Demon and part Fay—with a little Dark Dweller thrown in to make her more of a freak.

Life has become further complicated for Ember since returning from the Otherworld. Besides being continuously hunted by the Seelie Queen, Ember is at the top of the Unseelie King’s list, after breaking her oath with him. No one breaks a vow with the Unseelie King without extreme consequences.

Adding to Ember’s problems is a certain Dark Dweller whose mood has become violent and cruel. As much as she’d like to deny it, there is an undeniable connection between them. Eli is sexy, gorgeous, and frustrating as hell. She also knows he is holding something back, something that could change their relationship forever. 

But her problems go way past him. As the tension for war mounts between the Seelie and Unseelie (Light and Dark), the tension at the Dark Dweller’s compound escalates even more as they prepare to obtain the Sword of Light—the only weapon able to kill the Queen. 

But is Ember the answer to the location of the sword? Is she the one to fulfill the prophecy? As usual nothing is ever what it seems.





Blog Tour: Healed (Rebirth Series #2) by Becca Vincenza

Banner 1

Title: Healed (Rebirth #2)

Author: Becca Vincenza

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance

Warnings: Language, sexual content, and violence

Cover Designer: Airicka Mystical Creations

Formats: eBook & paperback

Healed - Amazon Front Cover


The race is on to find the Rebirth paranormals.

Elijah doesn’t have feelings. He doesn’t care, nor does he empathize, until the day Audrey was found. While searching her mind telepathically, things suddenly changed for him. He never imagined that he would face all the emotions plaguing him. Now he is on a mission to find the rumored Rebirth creature. What happens when a creature never meant to feel anything suddenly becomes attached to another?

Valentine always knew there was something…different about her. While she hated even the thought of blood, she loved to help those in need. She felt an instant connection with her patients and always strived to save lives. Her adoptive sister always told her that she cared too much. That she couldn’t save everyone. And now there is a colder than ice man in her life that won’t go away, and won’t take no for an answer. The problem is, she never wanted to push him away, even though she knows he will be her downfall.

Goodreads Link:


Buy Links:
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Healed-Rebirth-Book-Becca-Vincenza-ebook/dp/B00MKYZ2HU
Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/461577
Barnes&Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/healed-becca-vincenza/1120028672?ean=2940046068436
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/healed/id904283605?mt=11



Elijah reached around me to clean off the washcloth he had used; it had been white and now was stained pink. I tried not to look at it, knowing that it would only make me feel sick to my stomach. His fingers touched my neck as he pulled my hair away. It was barely a graze, but I felt a trail of cold-heat left behind, and it made my breathing change rapidly. Then he started to clean my neck and I was glad that I had taken my shirt off as the water was running down my chest.

I felt his chest jerk against my back. His breath had hitched. When I tried to turn my head to look back at him, he just bent his head and focused all his attention on my neck. I turned back around waiting for him to finish when he dropped the washcloth. He moved a little closer.

“I would like to wash your hair for you.” His voice was barely a whisper against my skin. My eyes shut lightly and I felt myself nod. I don’t think I was really thinking this through. I knew that I should be disgusted that he, just a half an hour before, talked so lightly of death, so carelessly. But now, here he was gentle, unbelievably so.

My heart was pounding in my chest yet again and he told me to sit on the edge. When I leaned back, I felt his strong arm move under my back, supporting me. He worked the water and everything else one-handed. When his hand started to work in my hair, I couldn’t stop a couple moans from slipping from my lips. My eyes were shut tightly, too scared to look up at him.

When I thought he was looking away to grab the conditioner, I gathered the courage to look at him. He was staring right back at me, as he if couldn’t take his eyes off me, even though he was reaching for something in the opposite direction. My body rushed with a deep flush of heat. His eyes were boring into mine and, though I knew it was black and nothing else, I felt deep down he was looking at me with desire. His hand around my back tightened.

Looking up at him, I didn’t realize until now how vulnerable I was to him. I was at his complete and utter disposal. If he chose to kiss me, then there was no stopping him. If he told me he wanted to ravage me, I don’t think I would have the strength to say no. He moved closely, locking a kiss on my lips; it was over before it really began.

I licked my lips still tasting him there, and for a horrible moment I wanted so much more. His nails lightly scraped my skull as he continued to run his hands through my long locks. I bit my lip, trying to hold in another moan. My body was relaxing under his touches.

“Killing is easy, my little light. It has always been easy.” I looked at Elijah, the lines around his eyes were pushed down, and his mouth slightly frowned.



Character Stats:

character stats2






character stats3










Catch up in the series with book one.


Damaged - Amazon Front Cover

Title: Damaged

Author: Becca Vincenza

Release Date: Released

Cover Designer: Airicka Mystical Creations (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Airickas-Mystical-Creations/462373910480084 )

Genre: NA Paranormal

Warnings: Language, sexual content, abuse and violence

Formats: eBook & paperback


There are some beings in this world, long thought to be extinct. Some seek to protect them, others want control, but some . . .  some are hell bent on their destruction.

Audrey was taken from her father, hidden away from the world, and tortured for five years. She was rescued, but is she really safe, or is there someone else waiting to betray her? Can she trust those who saved her? Can she learn to accept who she really is?

Stone was on a routine mission to extract valuable information from a rival clan of paranormals. Instead, he and his team find something much more valuable: a scarred, damaged young woman who holds many secrets, and whose power is beyond anything they could ever have imagined. There is much more to Audrey than meets the eye and Stone is determined to protect her.

Audrey and Stone are about to find out it’s hard to know who to trust.

Free everywhere:

collage free

Buy Links:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Damaged-Rebirth-Becca-Vincenza-ebook/dp/B00I5N04AK

B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/damaged-becca-vincenza/1118325790?ean=2940045586771

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/399992

About the Author:

Black Logo

Becca Vincenza lives in wonderful Michigan. She has a love for Skittles, rainbows, Star Wars, and reading about hot men. When she’s not wearing her author hat, she’s working to pay off her student loans for her recently acquired English degree. She recently released the first book in her Rebirth Series and is set to release the second book before the beginning of summer.

You can find Becca around the internet at these sites:

Want to meet Becca in person have her autograph a copy of Damaged? Come see her at UtopYA 2015.

Stalk Her if you Dare:

Mailing List: http://eepurl.com/Z2vwP

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beccavincenza

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BeccaVincenza

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/goodreadscombecca_vincenza

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Becca-Vincenza/e/B00I5BJL5Q/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/rvmisura/

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/1/

Website: http://beccavincenzaauthor.wordpress.com/

Release Day Blitz: Tested by Janelle Stalder

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.

Faced with the scariest decision of her life, Missy is going behind enemy lines to save the rebel that seems to haunt her every dream. Finding courage is one of the hardest things she’s ever done, especially when she comes face-to-face with a terrifying reality. The green eyes that have fascinated her, no longer gleam with recognition. Now Missy must find a way to not only get them out alive, but to save the mind of the man who is quickly capturing her heart. And she must do it all without getting caught. Put to the test, will Missy be able to rise above her fears and find love, or watch it all blow up in smoke?

*This book is for mature audiences due to sexual situations, violence and strong language.

Purchase Links:
Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/1wdawql
I love this series. I loved this book. I love this author.


Warning #1: This is the THIRD in a series, can they be read as standalones? No, not really. I wouldn’t recommend it. There will not be spoilers for this book, but there MAYBE spoilers from book one and most definitely two.

Warning #2: I was given this as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. And honesty is what I do.

Song choice: “Swept Away” by The Avett Brothers (sentimental version), “Sideways” by Citizen Cope, “I’ll be seeing you” by Billie Holiday

First Thoughts: So let me just say, when I first read about Tyler I was infatuated, seriously I had the weirdest crush on this man and he barely talked. I was just in lust with him. Now I am fully and utterly in love, and ladies back off he is so and utterly mine. I have already talked to Janelle and told her this. Anyways ;) besides a sexy ass leading man. I love this series because each book is so different from the previous but also ties so fluidly into the one before to make it a series, that its just always entertaining and always not quite what I was excepting. This book was no different. It was fabulous. I was expecting it to be one thing, but was so different. So yes, read this please!!!

Thoughts on Plot: Here is the thing, at end of book two (yup here is that spoiler I promised) Tyler was taken, and Missy was there, and saw it happen. I immediately thought: Ludwig! That crazy-ass bastard who I am also all sort of in love with… i mean…. *runs away* wait i can’t run away I need to finish this review *comes back* So was I right or was I wrong? *wiggly eyebrows* well read and find out ;) so anyways, Tyler is going through some…stuff. ^.^ And since both Ludwig AND the General know most of everyone in the group, only one person can save him. Yup, yup, yup my favorite new lady who was introduced: Missy. Why is she my favorite? Idk i have a thing for the quiet, shy characters. I will get to that though. So we get to see their relationship in so many different stages and I love it. I love seeing them blossom together, and I loved seeing them blossom separately. I think that plot wise, as usually everything moved at a wonderful pace, I was never really bored with any parts of the book, I do think out of the three that are out, this was the least action packed one, but that doesn’t mean things don’t happen, because boy do they happen! So much happens! I am so curious on what will be happening next, and with the next two characters’ book. OHMIGOB. I neeeds its like yesterday. Anyways….Overall I loved the plot we were exposed to a few new developments!!! And we are also sitting on the edges of our seats never knowing what this character or that character is going to do! It’s AHHH amazing. I just love it!! Seriously I know you are thinking she is a horrible critic because she loves this series, but I honestly believe this is such a refreshing look at a dystopia, its right in the heart of the rebellions, its right in the gritty, nasty part, where the new government while is in place hasn’t been there for so long no one knows anything different. All the characters just make me want to cheer them on. I really, really do find this book beyond refreshing, and unique. And those steamy scenes. *grabs fan* well. there you go ;)




Now about them!!!

Missy: I LOVED HER. Seriously from the first moment we meet her, I might even told Janelle this: I was like I want her story. I want to see her have her own book. Why? Like I said i just have a thing about the more timid characters im drawn to them. It was pretty damn obvious i think we all knew that at some point Missy was abused sexually by a man. So of course she is timid and scared or i should say cautious when around them. And Tyler well he is all man. I think I really enjoyed seeing Missy in this book the most because we could really see her growing, becoming better. I think that when she left and she had to do this on her own she really shined, and became her own person. She really became stronger and just utterly kickass. I loved her seriously. I think she was a fantastic character, and just as Janelle does with all her characters, which they are all usually unique, have their own strong voice, she did here in this book as well. One of my favorite features in Janelle’s books (and yes i am a seasoned Stalder reader ;) is her characters

Tyler: :O talk about sexy!!! Damn, I am not going to lie I like me a good beard, I think they can be really sexy. On him, yes! He was possessive, dangerous, and oh so sweet. There are two sides to this man, he can be thoughtful, calculating, and so utterly careful with Missy and I loved how thoughtful he was. He didn’t just jump right into this, he took time, he eased his way in. He was so dreamy. This man. Wow. Seriously. He knew what he wanted and he was willing to do just about anything to keep her safe. I love how protective he was of her, but he also saw that she needed some space to grow and I think he would be totally and utterly willing to give her that. Seriously mine. MINE. MINE!!!

Ludwig: Now if you are familiar with the series, you are going, what the hell Becca? Well yeah I actually i really like Ludwig, a lot. I want to read his story, I am so super intrigued by him, but he is losing his marbles and its scaring me!! MORE LUDWIG PLEASE!!!

Trent&Phoenix: I really liked them both and I cannot wait to read more about them (is that a spoiler?)

The ending: I can breath a little easier than I could after Masked – thank god, seriously. But I still want more because I am addicted to this series!!! and Janelle in general

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Janelle Stalder was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario. At an early age she developed a love for literature. Her debut novel, Eden, was the first book in a series of four, released in September of 2011. Since then she has released an Adult Dystopian Romance series, the New World Series, hitting the best sellers list on Amazon. She has also released a Mature YA/NA novel, Brush Strokes, that stayed on the best sellers list for contemporary romance for sixteen straight weeks. She is a strong supporter of other independent authors, and loves to interact with her readers. When she’s not writing, Janelle is at home with her husband, two children, Aiden and Elora, her little bun in the oven that is on the way, and her two furry children, Alice and Lily. She now resides in a small town in Ontario in her old, possibly haunted, century home.





Trapped within the cruel world of hormones and bullies, fifteen-year-old Aiden is convinced life has more to offer him. His instincts are proven correct on the night he is awakened by a voice calling to him from outside his window. As he sleepily peers into his yard, his eyes slowly focus on a woman who says she is there to take him to Eden. Aiden is about to fulfill the life purpose he never knew he had.

It is in Eden, a land on the brink of war, where Aiden will finally learn to trust himself and those around him. Accompanied by Wolf, his sidekick Logan, and the beautiful archer, Elisa, Aiden is soon thrust into a battle to save Eden. Meanwhile Elisa, the only girl in the King’s Army, is in the midst of her own struggles. Betrothed to a man she has no intention of marrying, Elisa is caught between the need to prove herself and her desire for true happiness. And now that she has met Aiden, she is more confused than ever.

In this action-packed fantasy tale, romance, adventure, and intrigue surround Aiden as he learns just what he is capable of when he discovers confidence and courage.

eden west

New beginnings, new conflicts, and new adventures arise in the second installment of the Eden Series, Eden-West.

Months after his initial journey to Eden, Aiden is learning to cope with his own transformation. His social status has changed, his friendship with his best friend Ethan is in jeopardy because of it, and worst of all, he has heard absolutely nothing from his new friends in Eden. What has become of the world he fell in love with? Are his friends safe? Is the war over? With no answers, and no hope for contact, Aiden decides to focus on his life in his world. Just as he makes this decision, he encounters a familiar bright light and thinks he knows exactly what it means. Except the light isn’t at all what he expects and neither is the person behind it. When Aiden returns to Eden, it is to a whole new part of that special world, and a whole new set of adventures.

Weeks after Aiden was returned to his own world, Elisa is sent to Nysa, the revered Southern city, to retrieve the one thing she’d rather avoid – Wolf. Captain Turk instructed her to get in and get out – but that is easier said than done. When she finds her missing friend, she also stumbles upon a great deal of trouble. This trouble goes by one name – Markus, the leader of the Sun People.

Follow all your favourite characters as they ready themselves for battle and fight for a world threatened to be destroyed.

eden south

The betrayal that tore a family apart. Two brothers bent on destroying the other. A whole world on the brink of war.

Aiden has been through his second battle in the magical world of Eden. The victory is short lived and Aiden is sent racing toward his friends in the Capital. After being back in Eden with the Riders, he is eager to reunite with Wolf, Elisa and Logan, although he doesn’t realize just what he’s returning to. Surprises await him when he arrives in the Capital; his close-knit group of friends is slowly falling apart. On top of it all, another battle is just around the corner, one that will change everything.

Rain has made her choice, and now she is in some unknown fortress with the feared sorcerer, Aziz. She wants nothing more but to please him, but being his Queen isn’t as easy as she thought. While trying to learn sorcery, and dealing with Aziz’s advances, Rain is finding her new life a bit overwhelming. Just when she thought it couldn’t get worse, she discovers a secret of Aziz’s, and it is nothing she could have expected.

Rose has supported Callum throughout their journey, but now that the final battle is just around the corner she is faced with a hard reality. Everything she has gained with him could be taken away. Is she willing to live the rest of her life without him? Can she just stand by while he destroys everything, including himself? Will he ever be able to find peace? Will she?

In the third installment of the Eden Series fates will be decided, and the battle between brothers that has been a decade in the making will finally come to an end. Only one of them can be High King.

The battle starts now.

eden east

New life, new deaths, and truths revealed. Everything ends now.

In the final installment of the Eden series, the King’s army prepares for their biggest battle yet. Aiden and his friends set out to find Aziz in his hidden mountain fortress and bring the war in Eden to an end. But secrets are being discovered along the way, and the weight of them could ruin lives. Aiden is coping with loss and the need for vengeance, as well as changes in himself he doesn’t quite understand. Thousands of lives are depending on him to stop Aziz once and for all, and this time Aiden is more than ready and confident he’ll be the one to do it. The stakes are higher than he ever anticipated on his journey east.

Elisa is embarking on a new phase of her life. She has the man she loves beside her, their group of friends have become stronger, and the end of war is in sight. Now she just needs to see it through so she can finally have her happily ever after. But she knows the truth that the others don’t, and it will test her loyalty and friendship more than anything ever has.

With two brothers side by side, and an army ready for war, the only thing left to be seen is who will live and who will die.

Welcome to the thrilling conclusion of your journey into Eden.



All’s fair in love and war.

Two thirds of the world’s population has been wiped out, devastated by the worst war earth has ever seen. Still standing amongst the ruins is a mind reader who finds herself on the wrong side of the war. Everyone does what they must to survive. When the rebels bent on bringing down the New World leader start to rise up, it is her job to make sure they stay down where they belong. That is, until one rebel sneaks past her defences and into her heart. Love will blossom from the ashes, but will it be enough to save them, or will it mean the end of them both?

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00005]

Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it.

New Berlin, 2040. Rebels prepare to fight against the New World Order, bent on bringing down the world’s greatest tyrant. One girl wanted nothing to do with it, content to keep her head down and make the best of this new world. That is, until she has no choice but to work with the rebels and infiltrate the NWO headquarters. Every moment she spends there puts her in danger, especially when one man, the second in command to the New World leader, continues to make his way into her every thought. She must stay focused and protect not just her mind and body, but also her heart. Will she be able to complete her task without being unmasked? Or will the one man standing in her way ruin it all?




Brush Strokes

Art student, Olivia Banks, was living her dream at an exclusive school when everything came crashing down around her. Now back in the small town she grew up in, she’s forced to spend her senior year at her old school where she’s known as the ‘freak’, all because she’d rather focus on her painting than the trivial drama of high school. But things aren’t the same as they were when she left. And the one thing that is turning her life upside down the most just happens to be the resident bad boy, Colt Morgan. Her senior year was supposed to fly by so she could pack up and leave again, but what happens when there’s suddenly a reason to want to stay?
Upcoming Projects:

Simple Beginnings (Contemporary Romance) – Fall 2014

Elysium (YA Fantasy Spin-off of the Eden Series) –Fall/Winter 2014

Love Defined (Historical Romance) – 2015


Author Contact Information:

Facebook: Janelle Stalder

Twitter: @jmstalder

Website: www.janellestalder.com

Email: jmstalder@gmail.com


Cover Reveal: His Frozen Heart by Nancy Straight






Title: His Frozen Heart
Author: Nancy Straight
Genre: Suspenseful Romance
Release Date: November 2014




For best friends, Candy and Libby, money is tight with hardly enough to cover their living expenses. When they are desperate for grocery money, the girls bet on their pool playing skills to add to their income.
A simple wager on a quiet winter evening has devastating results, with a stalker determined to kill them both. With Libby in the hospital after a vicious attack, and Candy being pursued by the same stalker, she vows to find Libby’s attacker.
What she finds is Dave, an old friend with a secret past filled with misfortune. Will Dave’s past provide the answer to all of Candy’s problems or will it become Candy’s worst nightmare realized?


Pre-Order Links:


About the Author:
Nancy was born in Sioux City Iowa, left the cold of the Midwest in 1991 and only returns to see family in the summer time. She spent ten years traveling the world as a US Marine and settled in rural SC with her husband and two children.


She enjoys reading all types of Paranormal and Young Adult literature.


Author Links:









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Wicked Wind (Solsti Prophecy Novel 1) by Sharon Kay



Summary via Goodreads: 


Born with the ability to command the wind, Nicole Bonham spends her life hiding her gift. Deciding to take control of her power, she dispenses her own brand of vigilante justice in Chicago’s worst neighborhoods. Stealth and surprise are always on her side.


Lash demon Gunnar prowls Earth and several supernatural realms to help maintain peace among the immortal species. His chance encounter with Nicole creates a hurricane of sparks between them, and he can’t let her out of his sight until he discovers her true identity. In his two hundred years, he has never seen a creature like her.


Nicole and Gunnar race to discover who – or what – is stabbing the city’s most destitute residents and stealing their blood. The fire that forged their bond explodes into white-hot passion, weaving their souls together on an unexpected level. Haunted by the past, Gunnar’s fiercely protective instincts battle with her need to defeat the creatures she was born to fight. As they track the mastermind behind the attacks, will Nicole’s unique talent unwittingly send her straight into his lair?

My Review: 4 out of 5 stars

I am conflicted.

Song Choice: “Swept Away” (Sentimental Version) by the Avett Brothers

First Thoughts:
There is the thing I really actually enjoyed this book, like a lot. BUT…Idk maybe I am being stupid but I felt almost like it was an erotica fighting to be more? I don’t sex scenes, but to me there were an overabundance, to an already very full story. Does that make sense? There was so much going on in this book, demons, elementals, a different realm, nay! multiple realms. And yet sometimes it felt like it was being pushed back for the MCs unsatisfied need for each other.

Thoughts on Plot:
Again maybe this is totally just me, probably it is. And here the thing, it wasn’t like the sex scenes were a bore to read, no, no, no they were hot, heavy, and oooh so sexy. But I think with SUCH a big plot and SUCH HUGE potential for a series that making the book focus a lot more on those sexy scenes it takes away from the story as a whole. Again maybe i am just crazy. Anyways I loved, loved how much this book opened this entire series. It started off fast, which if you know me, I love it when that happens, but idk I felt the pacing was a bit off, with all the sex scenes thrown into the middle of action scenes, things slowed it down. AGAIN – very nice sexy scenes, I guess i just felt it messed with the pacing. oh and seriously? (view spoiler) so okay, back to everything else, I loved the concept of these Demons and the different types of them!! omgosh soososo cool. I loved the other realm, I loved again how this book really opened up so many different possibilities. I really, really do enjoy the series where the next book is about a different couple (which i am assuming that is the case here). So excited. Anyways really there is a lot of action (both kinds) in here, and its very intriguing.


Nicole: I think she was a very interest, unique MC woman I have come across. She was very adventurous *wiggly eyebrows* if you know what i mean ;) *disclaimer, I don’t read a lot *any* bdsm, I don’t read a lot of kinkier stuff either – I just don’t…I had an um…incident – let me just saying Kitty Thompson is not a good choice to start the whole bdsm reads ;), annnnnyyways! so this was kinkier for me* Back to it then! I really liked her, i think she was spunky and fun. I like that she was willing to stand up for herself, and not just give up because the big strong Demon man was there to save the day. She wanted to help, she was willing to put herself in danger – even against big strong Demon man’s wishes. I also really adore the fact she did something stupid – i love when characters do stupid things, it makes me really happy. Anyways ^_^ I did enjoy her.

Gunnar: He was…sexy. Yeah that definitely. He was sweet and caring, he honestly wasn’t what i was expecting at first. I was really glad how upfront he was, and also how protective he was. i was glad that he could see reason too. Anyhoops!! i super enjoyed his character, and just him in general.

Okay here it goes: My review is completely bias, maybe your preference is different than mine. I like more action – running around, things happening, adventuring, than I want more sex. I think this book was trying to do a mixture but for me it fell a little flat. I thought where was too much – albeit was hot hot hot, there was just too much and distracted me from the rest of the plot. But hey that is me. And i and I do want to continue on with the series. And I will. I am not putting up much hope that the other books will lean back a little less sex, but a girl can hope ;) <– i am so weird i know.

Blog Tour: Spotlight Don Wars part 6 by Lucian Bane & Aden Lowe

Final blog tour sign

Dom Wars The Final Round by Lucian Bane & Aden Lowe

Release Date August 13, 2014

BDSM Erotic Romance

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*RECOMMENDED FOR AGES EIGHTEEN AND UP DUE TO EXPLICIT SEXUAL SITUATIONS, AND STRONG LANGUAGE When Gladiator Inc, an adult toy company expands their market to familiarize the ‘vanilla’ world with the elements of BDSM, the result is a pay-per-view reality show with video feeds streamed live to subscribers. The show, Dom Wars, is a competition to determine the Top Dom that will become the spokesperson for the company. The contestants all wear cameras to film every moment and angle of the competition, while they complete various challenges to determine who has ultimately Dominated various elements of themselves. The hero and heroine of the series, Lucian Bane and Tara Reese, have barely made it into the Sixth and Final Round of Dom Wars. This week-long Survival Round will determine the Top Dom, once and for all. The contestants are taken to an uninhabited island, where they will have to cross formidable jungle terrain. First Dom to reach the boat anchored on the other side of the island wins the million dollars and the title. Seems simple. Except Lucian’s old adversary, the Sadist Jase Duff from Round One, has been tasked with making sure none of the five teams make it to the boat. If he is successful, he wins the prize, only it’s not money that Jase Duff cares about, its revenge on Lucian and Tara. And his sadistic need to inflict pain makes it game on.


*Warning* This trailer contains strobe light effects, do not view if you are sensitive to the lighting effects.

About the Authors:

Lucian Bane:

My name is Lucian Bane, and I’m an Ineffable Dom. That just means, do yourself a favor and please don’t try to fit me into categories. Complicated Dom, Intricate Dom, or Confounding Dom work too. I don’t want a woman I can break, or overpower, or exercise my dominance over. I want a woman I can come undone with. I want a woman I can lose myself in. I think there are many men like myself, and I hope my writing will be a map for them. (And women, to let them know Doms like this exist.) I want to challenge men to go for the complete power exchange with a woman, but don’t be a coward and not give the same that they demand or expect. Consider that when you give one hundred percent of yourself to a person, there is no more of you to give away. You now belong to them the way they belong to you. Inner Doms need a master to train them. I once bowed to my Dom’s reckless and tireless desires, but when I gained control, he bowed to my will. The transformation made me into what I am today. What many would call an Ineffable Dom. But its equal term in the Vanilla world, in my opinion, is a real man.

Fun Facts about Lucian…

  1. I love salt and vinegar chips
  2. I love coffee
  3. I hate liver
  4. I love the lonesome cry of locusts at dusk
  5. I love antiques
  6. I want to live off the land, in the mountains in a remote cabin with Tara and our future family
  7. I love the smell of Pine Sol
  8. Love the smell of a campfire
  9. Love the smell of fresh cut grass
  10. I love swimming in a cold river
  11. I love sleeping with a box fan on (lol old habit)

Aden Lowe:

As an English major in college, I took a summer job as a proofreader for a small town newspaper, and got hooked on editing. I also worked my way through college training horses. After graduation, I landed a job for a small independent editing firm, and stayed there for 15 yrs. An old friend, Lucian, approached me to edit his special fiction project, and I got hooked. After an insane few months editing his Dom Wars series for him, Lucian convinced me I should try my hand at writing as well. I’m his co-author for Round Six, the final Dom Wars installment, and we will co-write the White Knight Academy series as well. And in Sept 2014, I’ll release my debut solo work, an Erotic Western with BDSM elements, “Big Game: A Hunted Love Novella”. In addition, I have a military series in the planning stages.

Fun Facts about Aden…

  1. Might, or might not, have bad dreams about penguins.
  2. Had no idea who Justin Bieber was until a few days ago when Wheels enlightened me and changed my life forever. Not.
  3. Until recently, hadn’t gone to see a movie at the theater since “The Horse Whisperer”. I’m not happy about sitting in the dark with that many strangers.
  4. Loves babysitting the neighbors Little Doms, except when they’re flushing my bathroom rug, or doing something worse.
  5. Drinks a mixture of coffee and hot cocoa instead of coffee.
  6. Not into sports – balls aren’t intended to be hit, batted, kicked, thrown, or otherwise abused.
  7. Lived up to a lifelong goal of making a woman wet her panties… just not in the intended way ;)
  8. According to a certain Little Domme’s mom, big hands and feet mean big other things. And everybody knows moms know EVERYTHING.
  9. Has a horse named Joe. Why Joe? Because it’s far easier to say “Joe, you bastard, you bite me and I’ll take your head off” than “Stardust Lucky Bastard, you bastard, you…”
  10. ADEN IS NOT: 1. Afraid of bugs 2. Innocent 3. Sweet 4. A clean freak (Just can’t stand NOT clean) 5. A workaholic (OK, that one’s a fib) 6. A good liar 7. Intimidated by children who aren’t the Little Doms next door. 8. A Momma’s Boy (Close to and protective of Mom is different) 9. Unlikely to shoot a criminal coming through the front door 10. Above kicking a fool’s ass, literally or figuratively.



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Cover Reveal: Raven (Legends Saga Book #2) by Stacey Rourke


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Cover Reveal

covergifTitle: Raven
Series: Legends Saga # 2
Author: Stacey Rourke
Audience: NA Paranormal
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Formats: E-book and Paperback  
Publisher: Anchor Group Publishing
Cover by: Najla Qamber Designs
Editor: Melissa Ringsted
Expected Date of Publishing: Sept 22, 2014
An infamous love, destined nevermore,
For death could not claim, the enchanting Lenore.
Cursed by the malevolent spirit of the Headless Horseman, Ireland Crane ventures to Manhattan in search of a way to break her soul crushing bond. Instead, she discovers the lines between fact and fiction are blurring once more. Croaking ravens. Telltale hearts. Could the works of Poe be coming to pass with handsome Wall Street Midas Ridley Peolte as their unwilling target?
She walks the Earth, a plague on mankind,
searching for he, her rotted heart doth pine.
Together, the two unknowingly release a dark force death itself could not tame. Surrounded by the unrelenting violence and mayhem they’ve unleashed, Ireland feels her control over the Horseman slipping. Before the beast within consumes her, she and her crew must follow the clues of the dead to right a centuries’ old wrong. Will it be enough to sate the Horseman’s appetite?
Hell hath no fury like a ghoul scorned.
authorgifThe Gryphon Series is written by Stacey Rourke. She lives in Michigan with her husband, two beautiful daughters, and two giant, drooly dogs. Stacey loves to travel, has an unhealthy shoe addiction and considers herself blessed to make a career out of talking to the imaginary people that live in her head. She is currently hard at work on the continuations of this series as well as other literary projects. The Gryphon Series is available wherever fine books are sold.
Contact Info: Visit the author at www.staceyrourke.com
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